17 Parents Not Visitors

Episode 17 – Parents Not Visitors – The story of one woman helping parents be parents!!


Please welcome today’s guest, Erika McLagan
Owner/Operator of

Parents Not Visitors, LLC

She’s a woman supporting both a father’s and a mother’s right to shared custody.

On this episode we cover the following –

  1. How to push towards a positive outlook while being destroyed by family courts.
  2. How preparing an evidence based case is more important than a defensive and or attacking position in a family court room.
  3. How to understand an attorney’s purpose and why your attorney will only work as hard as you do.
  4. God’s grace in the process.



We’d love your support for the Capitols for Kids event.  This is a MUST ATTEND for all parents fighting for court reform whatever your issues.  FEATURED SPEAKER – MARK LUDWIG.  We’ll also show a teaser from the upcoming #Erased movie.  Please join us on OCTOBER 22ND AT 6 PM.  You can donate, sponsor or just come for free depending on your need.  See below for options.  Email me with questions – joeg@savingfatherhood.org

Capitols for Kids – Trenton




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