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TONIGHTS GUEST – TJ Moonan, the founder of “Love Works” shares his personal experiences with supervised visitation.
“Love Works” is a television show that focuses on Family Law and the need for reform. The show is committed to sharing solutions with targeted parents and the general public. Love Works says that there is hope for parents, hope that children can live life without the destruction that is currently occurring on a daily basis in Family courtrooms around the country and the world.



Support for Murray Sabrin (US Senate)

  1. Murray Sabrin for US Senate (Libertarian)
    1. Why? He is for limited government as defined in the US Constitution
    2. He is committed to walking us back to following the Constitution.
    3. He recognizes that things like the Family Court should not exist per the US Constitution
    4. We can develop that on another day – but we’d solve a lot of problems by following the US Constitution.
    5. He’s also a man of great character. His parents survived the Holocaust and his father fought against the Nazi’s in the Polish resistance.  I’m reading in Ecclesiastes right now how God uses these events to mold our character.  If you ever noticed people who have never suffered in their lives can become very self centered.  Never mistake suffering as inaction on God’s part.
  2. New Jersey Constitution Coalition Candidates Town Hall Monmouth
    1. 48 State Route 35Keyport, New Jersey 07735
  3. NJCR July Meeting – Dr. Murray Sabrin – Independent Candidate NJ
    1. Sat July 28 at 4PM
    2. 4 PM · 1022 Almond Rd, Elmer, NJ 08318-3950, United States




  1. SavingFatherhood is now getting more involved with FAN-PAC. In our last episode we interviewed Rafael Franco, the President of FAN-PAC.  I’ve looked for organizations in the Family Rights movement that I could support based on several criteria and this one has it all.
    1. Effectiveness
    2. Mission
    3. Quality leadership / Rafael is a Godly man that seeks Gods will in everything he does.
  2. FAN-PAC has been very effective getting Republican and Democratic Sponsors for the 50/50 shared parenting bill. This bill needs your help.
    1. We will be hosting multiple letter writing campaigns.
    2. FAN-PAC meets with various NJ State Assemblymen and NJ State Senators every week and they all ask the same thing.
    3. I need letters.
    4. Follow the link to find your NJ representatives.
    5. Write a letter and let us know that you sent one in. Post on savingfatherhood.org in the show comments, on facebook, twitter, whatever you like.
    6. Keep posted here for future letter writing events. There is nothing more powerful.
    7. If you want to send money in we will probably spend it on writing letters and meeting campaigns.


SAVING FATHERHOOD will be hosting/ leading a Burlington County SPEAKW group.  This is a parental alienation support group that we are going to be starting in September.  If you live in Burlington or Camden county NJ it will be close to you.  I live in Mercer County so its not too far from there to attend either.

  1. If you don’t know SPEAKW.org it was formed by Monica Giglio who is well known in the family rights movement as the Parental Alienation Survival coach.
  2. She’s an author and two of her books are on Parental Alienation. Additionally, she’s the author of the curriculum we’ll be using for the SPEAKW support group.
  3. If you’re someone struggling with any phase of parental alienation you should come out.
    1. You may be separated, divorced or somewhere in-between.
    2. You may be involved in parenting challenges of any kind with your spouse.
    3. You may just want to prevent alienation, or you may be completely estranged from your child or you are working thru the reunification process.
    4. Many of us haven’t seen our children in years and many more have finally broken thru to their children after these many years. You are not alone.
  4. This Program incorporates the best information we have from parental alienation experts all over the country with Christian based solutions for family healing. While psychology is good at identifying problems all solutions for family healing come from God.  You do not need to be a Christian to attend.  God’s word wants to minister to you in your healing process.  God wants to meet us in the midst of our suffering and unbelief.
  5. Email JoeG@SavingFatherhood.org for more details, location and dates.

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